Team Brunch recently swapped aprons and spatulas for tool belts and cordless drills to help build a Habitat for Humanity house.Brunch at Habitat for Humanity house

Habitat is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. Volunteers work alongside the family who’s investing sweat equity to build their very own home. The time is truly meaningful as volunteers impact their communities and grow new relationships with neighbors. Also, volunteers help a deserving family realize the dream of a safe home.

Serving is a Form of Hospitality

Serving the community is a natural outpouring of the hospitality mindset at Brunch. So, it was an easy decision for Brunch leaders to roll up their sleeves and get dirty.

Morgan Sampson (Brunch Owner), Mike Holz (Brunch Executive Chef), and Tay Brittain (Brunch Milwaukee Manager) rallied a crew of nine Brunch team members. They spent the day hanging drywall for a new Habitat home near 30th and Walnut in Milwaukee.

“It was an awesome opportunity to spend time doing something helpful and productive for others with my Brunch team! The staff really enjoyed seeing the different steps needed to build a home. We left with a sense of satisfaction after our volunteer day,” shared Tay.

Mike and Tay at Habitat for Humanity houseHolz supported Tay’s comments and added, “It was a great time working for Habitat for Humanity. We learned a lot from our trainer, Jim. It was tough work but fun and rewarding to help the community. We’re set to do it again in June!”

Home is where family gathers, memories are made, and meals are shared. And that’s something Brunch can get definitely get behind!


Build Your Own Work Crew

If you’re looking for an amazing service opportunity and want to impact your community, visit Habitat For Humanity to help a family build a home.Mike demo at Habitat for Humanity house

And whether it’s before you start pounding nails or after you volunteer, feed your hungry work crew the best brunch at Brunch Downtown Milwaukee or Brunch Brookfield (serving Mon-Fri 7am-3pm and Sat-Sun 8am-3pm).