When you think “October,” pumpkins tend to get all the glory. But, Brunch wants to spotlight a very different food this month—the sausage. October is National Sausage Month! And lucky you, there’s still time to celebrate the flavors.

Read on for a few Brunch menu suggestions that showcase this month’s meaty star food in three very different ways. Just look for the “Sausage Alert” if you need a hint…


The Wiscomelette…this breakfast favorite features Johnsonville bratwurst (Sausage Alert!!) with caramelized onions and a hearty serving of cheese curds folded into the fluffy omelette to get good and melty. Served with seasoned Breakfast Potatoes.

Brunch Menu Dad Bod May Egg Month








The Dad Bod…well-loved by more than just Dads, this platter is all about the meats! It’s got your smoked bacon, your sausage patties (Sausage Alert!!), shaved honey-baked ham, two eggs, a pancake, plus a side of seasoned Breakfast Potatoes.

Biscuit & Gravy Benedict…This Brunch favorite serves house-made sausage patties (Sausage Alert!!) and rich sausage gravy over poached eggs served open face on an English muffin with a drizzle of chive oil to finish.

Delicious, savory, sausage-inspired entrees to enjoy this month—and anytime!