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Welcome! You may be asking – why would I want to own a Brunch Franchise? Well, for us it’s not just about the restaurant. Yes, our food is amazing. Yes, our concept is awesome. But you know what else? Our founder is obsessed with growing future leaders & helping people reach their fullest potential! To our company, it’s about investing in YOU and your growth, helping you be the best, financial free, wealth building leader you could be. We truly believe everyone is perfectly crafted to follow their own path, and we hope that means a Brunch Franchise in your future! Discover how to be financially free, build lasting wealth, and be a Leader people truly want to follow. Oh, and you’re also going to be able to whip up a mean benedict.

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We are so excited you’re here, and have all the answers below to your questions! If you have additional questions, we can answer them once you fill out the application & have our initial call.


The initial Franchise fee is $50,000 for an 8 year term, with options to renew.

6% of Gross sales, + 1.5% of Gross sales for Marketing Fund (the more we market, the more you grow)!

A new location will cost you (including franchise fee) between $250,000 - $500,000. This varies based on the space you go into. If you are going into a “White Box” space, the cost will be in the middle of this range. A conversion space (existing restaurant) could be less if the space is updated and proper ventilation / HVAC / Plumbing exists. If you need to do a complete remodel to bring your space up to Brunch Standards, it would be at the higher end of the range. If you choose to purchase your building, these ranges do not include the purchase of a building.

Territories will vary based on the density of the area you’re going into (for example, more rural locations will have bigger territories, highly dense downtown areas will have less)

We have a list of preferred vendors and specify the make/model of all pieces of equipment & everything you need - for you – it will be like building a puzzle! We will guide you every step of the way, from getting your loan to buying your inventory.

We fully expect our Franchisees to be owner operators, meaning they are the General Manager at least for the first year, running their restaurant hands-on before bringing in management. We are not for investors who live out of state. Our operations are successful because they are constantly overseen by the owner. You are able to own multiple locations, but once you own more than a few, you will need an operating partner of at least 20%.

Brunch commits to spending your Marketing Royalty to promote the brand & increase awareness for your location. We also heavily market your launch/opening. It is a team effort that benefits everyone. Your location is also required to spend dollars of your own on advertising in your local market & to be involved in local Chamber & Restaurant Associations, including attending networking events & sponsoring local events to support schools, events, charities, etc.

Our training is partially remote, partially in the restaurant. We have videos & content to complete, along with onsite training. The cost of the training itself & the manuals are a part of your Franchise fee, so no out of pocket expenses are required (except lodging/meals). Our onsite training happens at our Flagship locations in Wisconsin.

Your Franchisor will be onsite in the weeks before and after your launch, making sure nothing is missed & that your opening is Successful. As an owner-operator, you will have unwavering support from your Franchisor, and our team will be at your disposal 24/7. We are here to support you in your entrepreneurial journey, and are by your side every step of the way. To us, you are a partner, and we are not just teaching you how to run a Brunch restaurant, but how to create financial freedom, build wealth, and a life worth living. We want to be a part of your lives & are excited to welcome you into our Brunch family.

Once your training is complete, your space could be open between 4-9 months, depending on the speed of your build out.

Well, the law prevents us from giving you a $ amount, but we are here to show you how to have a highly profitable business. The amount of money you profit will vary based on a few things: Sales, Labor Cost, Food Cost, and your fixed Expenses. We have a full training on Financials alone because we find it to be so crucial to a successful business! We also focus HIGHLY on leadership because believe it or not, having a solid staff of honest, hard-working, happy team members, will be crucial in the financial stability of your restaurant. Remember – it’s expensive to have a revolving door! Happy employees = happy customers = happy owner

Our leadership doesn’t stop there. You are now officially part of our family! The mentorship does not stop. You will now be a part of our Brunch Leadership Program, which meets regularly to give you both one on one professional coaching and group mentorship. Your Franchise Family sticks together. While we are here logistically always to answer questions, we are also here to grow you as a leader. We also routinely update marketing & branding & provide this information during our regular updates so you’re always on top of the trends!

We agree, this will be life changing and we cannot wait to meet you! Fill out the application below & we will be in touch

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